[Last Day Promotion, 50% Off] MALAMUTE ComfortBed™ | Therapeutic Dog Calming Bed

[Last Day Promotion, 50% Off] MALAMUTE ComfortBed™ | Therapeutic Dog Calming BedDog Bed Dark Grey / XXL - 100cm/39inch - Malamute Pet Shop

[Last Day Promotion, 50% Off] MALAMUTE ComfortBed™ | Therapeutic Dog Calming Bed

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The Last Pet Bed You’ll Ever Have To Buy, GUARANTEED!

happy french bulldog in a donut comfort bed for dogs malamute pet shop

Designed by vets: Health-oriented design that adapts to your pet's body, preserve their body heat and reduce posture problems. Made of eco-friendly non-toxic materials.donut shape icon + pet safe materials icon + neck support icon | malamute pet shop

Relieves stress & anxiety: The high edges of our relaxing comfort bed will give them a security feeling of being protected, calming them down instantly.

old dog relaxing in a donut comfort bed for dogs | malamute pet shop

Reduces the feeling of loneliness & vulnerability: The faux shag fur will remind your pup of their mother's fur and brings instant comfort. A natural ally that gives your pet support during storms, trips, fireworks, vet visits, loneliness and nerves.

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Relieves pain & Corrects posture: The MALAMUTE ComfortBed™ is made of premium soft foam that support your pet's neck and spine throughout their sleep.

Minimalistic design: Simple and elegant. Will fit in every home style.

donut therapeutic comfort bed for dogs home styles | malamute pet shop

Comfortable & Hygienic: Antibacterial skins and durable nylon combine to create a safe place to sleep.

antibacterial icon + soft breatheable icon + machine washable icon | malamute pet shop

Machine-Washable: Easy to wash and dry to remove pet odors and excess hair. *Note: Dry immediately after washing to avoid hair tangling.

luxury faux fur + hight quality materials + anti slippery bottom | malamute pet shop

Why to invest in a comfort bed for your dog

1 in 4 dogs experience stress and anxiety as a result of poor rest. If left untreated, this problem can lead to a lack of appetite, destructive behavioral problems and a shorter life.

old dog relaxing donut anti anxiety comfort bed | malamute pet shop

The solution? The dog's anxiety can be solved with a better night rest. The MALAMUTE ComfortBed™ provides your dog with its own place, specially designed by veterinarians to satisfy your pet's natural instinct to curl up in a safe "nest" away from predators. This not only allows your pet to feel less vulnerable, but it will relieve his anxiety, improve his mood and behavior, resulting in a much more happy pet.

happy dog relaxing comfort donut bed | malamute pet shop

For which type of dogs is the MALAMUTE ComfortBed™ suitable?

Our comfort bed is suitable for all type of dogs, but is specially designed for:

  • Fearful dogs that are often alone at home
  • Old dogs with joint problems
  • Hyperactive dogs that stay late at night
  • Puppies with non-established sleep schedule
  • Unsociable or aggressive dogs
sleepy dog relaxing comfort donut bed | malamute pet shop

How to know the correct size of your calming pet bed: Step by Step

Step 1: Be sure to measure your pet's height and length (from neck to base of tail) and match it to the inside diameter of the comfort bed. If you are in doubt between two sizes, please request a larger size.

This will ensure that your pet has enough space and can comfortably rest its head on the edge.

Step 2: Choose the size of MALAMUTE ComfortBed™ suitable for your dog:

  • XS - For very small dogs up to 2.5kg
  • S - For small dogs up to 7kg
  • M - For medium size dogs up to 11kg
  • L - For slightly larger dogs up to 20kg
  • XL - For medium and large size dogs up to 31kg
  • XXL - For large size dogs up to 45kg
  • KING - For larger or multiple dogs
relaxing donut comfort bed for dogs size chart | malamute pet shop

Step 3: Choose your favourite color.

Comfort Dog Bed Luxury Fur Color Chart - Malamute Pet Shop

Step 4: Place your MALAMUTE ComfortBed™ in your dog's favorite spot and watch him climb up and fall asleep instantly.

comfort pet bed for dogs preparation | malamute pet shop
**NOTE: The bed comes in a compressed package, so when opening it, it may have lost its form. Let some hours for the foam to expand and then rearrange the bed like in the picture.

Step 5: Feel good knowing that you are helping your dog to have a healthy and happy life.


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In MALAMUTE, we want to make the pets as happy as they make us. Because pets and people are better together.

That is why we are committed to create, search and bring the best products and experiences in the world to satisfy every pet on the planet.

We know you want the best for your furry little friend. That's why we guarantee that the MALAMUTE ComfortBed™ will be the best investment for your dog's happiness. You can get it today with CERO RISK and if you (or your pet) don't like your MALAMUTE ComfortBed™, you can return it without any extra charge.

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